Four steps to successfully managing threats of violence

In this free Masterclass, business leaders, educators, human resources, & security professionals will learn how to successfully manage threats of violence in their workplace or school

During this free Masterclass, you'll learn:

How to evaluate a threat for severity & risk factors

How to build and implement a Threat Management Plan

How to monitor a threat over time


Best Practices from more than 25 years of security experience

Bryan Strawser, Principal & Chief Executive at Bryghtpath LLC, has managed hundreds of threats of workplace violence globally. He brings his unique experience and knowledge to this free Masterclass.

Here's what past attendees are saying:

John Dunbar  

"I truly enjoyed Bryan's Masterclass on managing threats of violence - the simple four step process he outlined has helped me through several threat situations."

Bill Haag

"I was able to confident take part in managing a workplace violence threat incident not long after taking this Masterclass from Bryghtpath."

Lori Hammer

"Bryan knows his stuff - I followed the simple steps that he outlined in this Materclass. It gained me a lot of credibility as a leader in our next threat incident."


Ready to learn how to successfully manage a threat of violence?